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About Us




OpenAudio is an independent sound / lighting / video / show gear seller. This website is the virtual spot for something that has been alive and lively for more than 20 years, based in Italy, district of Ancona. OpenAudio is not an online shop, it’s an entity with soul and history, with whom you can get in touch and to whom you can ask questions.



OpenAudio understands the needs of sound engineers, light-designers, techs, sound/lighting/video service owners since these are its origins, OpenAudio was born on, besides, behind and in front of stage. The answers you will get from us are a result of these roots, to which we add our knowledge of what’s in the market today.


Our passion for this world makes us constantly in the search of what’s best in the market, but OpenAudio is independent, our proposals are free from any commercial rule, what we sell is what we like.