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Terms & Conditions

Acceding the online shop is free, the customer can freely navigate and display products and get in touch with us via telephone or via e-mail for any issue concerning the products or our sale, shipping and post-sale policies.

General sales policy
The contract drawn up between OpenAudio and the Customer has to be considered settled when OpenAudio totally or partially accepts the order. Such acceptance is implicit unless otherwise communicated to the Customer in any way. When placing an order  the Customer declares to be aware of every indication given during the shopping procedure, and to entirely accept the general  conditions and those concerning payments as described above.

If the Customer is a consumer (this is a natural person who buys goods for purposes not connected to its profession), once the online shopping procedure is completed he must print or anyway save an electronic copy of these general sales conditions, in compliance with italian law 206/2005 concerning distance sales.

Any right for reparation, or any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility for direct or non-direct damages due to non acceptance of an order is excluded.

Purchase methods
The Customer can only buy products that are in the online catalog at http://store.openaudio.it when the order is placed and just as they are described in the relevant description page. It is understood that the images shown in the description page of a product can represent the actual product with some differences, for instance in terms of color, sizes, accessories. Every information supporting the purchase are understood as being pure generic information, not attributable to the actual traits of a single product.

The correct receipt of an order is confirmed by OpenAudio through an e-mail message, sent to the address the Customer left. Such message will include date and time when the order will be processed and a ‘Customer Order Number’, to be referred to in every further communication with OpenAudio. Such message will submit all data entered by the Customer who is required to check their accuracy again and promptly transmit potential corrections following the methods that are described in such message.

OpenAudio grants prompt communication to the Customer in case of non-acceptance of an order.

Cancellation of an order
It is possible to cancel an order only if the goods have not been shipped yet, preferably getting reaching the customer care service at +39 0731696796 or via e-mail.

If the order has already been processed the Customer can only use his right of withdrawal.

Shipping methods and costs

OpenAudio is not responsible in case of delays with shipping and delivery of the items ordered. On delivery the Customer is requested to check:

1) the number of packages matches with what is said in the transport document advanced via e-mail

2) the packaging is intact, not damaged or wet or anyhow altered, not even in the closing materials (tape or clips)

Potential damages to the packaging and/or to a product or un-matching number of packages must immediately be notified by adding “goods unchecked” (plus the reason why, for instance “hole in the packaging” or “squashed packaging” etc.) to the delivery receipt.

Once the Customer has signed the courier’s document, he won’t be able to oppose any objection concerning exterior characteristics of what has been delivered.

Potential issues concerning the physical integrity, the correspondence or the completeness of the products received must be advised within 14 days since delivery date, following the methods described in this document.

In case of repeated impossibility to deliver at the settled address the products will lie at the Courier’s warehouses for 5 days, if the Customer won’t pick them up by then they will be returned to OpenAudio warehouses.

Delivery time

Normally the products in-stock is delivered in 48/96 hours if recipient is outside Italy.

Delivery time can vary depending on the type of shipping, the courier and the destination of the goods.


Payment can be done in cash-on-delivery (in this case there will be an extra cost, which is clearly pointed out when the Customer chooses the payment method), via Paypal, credit card, advanced bank transfer. 


OpenAudio creates an invoice for each completed order and forwards it via e-mail to its holder, in compliance with art. 14 D.P.R. 445/2000 e DL52/2004. Invoice details will be taken from data supplied by the Customer upon purchase, no changing to the invoice will be possible once it has been emitted. The invoice will be emitted after receiving the payment.