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Here you go, Highlite’s Infinity Chimp 300.

Posted by mariachi 13/08/2017 0 Comments Lighting News,

Power and agility.

Here’s a DMX console that makes a statement in the universe of show lightning, offering great performances and innovative features at a surprising price. 

Agile and powerful like a chimp, this console can control up to 300 fixtures in 4 universes and 2048 MDX channels thanks to a 22” full HD touch screen, 4 encoders, 14 multi-function faders and familiar keys, but above all it’s the world’s first professional console to feature a DMX wireless transmitter W-DMX™ ready on board.


Agility means ease of use and fast action, Chimp 300 features a complete Fixture library and a Fixture builder, colour selection from Lee, Rosco and Apollo palettes, gobo selection, possibility to define groups and presets and to customize display layout, effects engine and cue list screen.

The Chimp 300 also adds great power to these features, meaning expanded control capacities which give creative freedom to the user: 4 universes, 4 DMX 5-pin opto-isolated in/outs (RDM ready), audio/SMPTE/LTC XLR input, ethernet / artnet connector, 10000 memories in 400 stacks.

All this, paired with an intelligent in-house designed software with standard syntax and with easy and intuitive screens, makes the Chimp 300 an excellent choice for a big variety of applications allowing any kind of users to program great shows in a few minutes.