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Money-back guarantee is accepted only under the following conditions:

The products have to be returned to OpenAudio headquarters in via Sant’Ubaldo, 67, 60030 Monsano (An), Italy via express courier after communicating it to info@openaudio.it completing the return form here.

The item must be returned within 30 days since delivery and in its original packaging, including every original part.

There must be no ravages of usage, scratches and other damages caused by usage otherwise the refund will not happen.

Software must be return in their original packaging, sealed, never opened. Returning expenses are not refundable.

For further information:

 via Sant’Ubaldo, 67
 60030 Monsano (AN) Italy
 P.IVA  02198270429 
tel. +39.0731.696.796 
fax +39.0731.690.590